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We represent clients in a variety of litigated, mediated and negotiated marital and family law matters, always cognizant that each client and case presents unique facts, circumstances and methodologies or possibilities for resolution.


By restricting our practice area and by handling only a limited number of conscientiously selected cases or matters, our clients benefit not only from our specialized knowledge, but also from our personalized service.


While we initially approach each matter collaboratively, we are always cognizant of the potential need for judicial intervention and the necessity that we provide each client competent, qualified and experienced trial and courtroom representation.


Whether negotiating a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, modifying an existing judgment or litigating a high conflict divorce action, we seek to not only meet, but exceed each client’s expectations.

  • Dissolution of Marriage

    • High Income / High Net Worth Complex Litigation

  • Paternity

    • Establishment & Disestablishment

  • Timesharing

    • Establishment, Enforcement & Modification

  • Alimony, Spousal & Child Support

    • Establishment, Enforcement & Modification

  • Injunctive Relief

    • Domestic / Repeat / Dating / Sexual Violence

    • Issuance, Extension & Violations

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Postnuptial Agreements

  • Domestic Partnership Agreements


Christopher W. Rumbold zealously and continuously advocates in the furtherance of marital and family equality for all Floridians.

Call us today for additional information on our Litigation, Mediation or Guardian ad Litem services, or to schedule your confidential consultation at our Fort Lauderdale office or in

West Palm Beach or Miami-Dade Counties.

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