An Intra and Inter-Office Approach

Professional, ethical, discrete marital and family law attorneys serving Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

Marital and Family Law litigation is often, if not always, a deeply personal, emotional and potentially unnerving experience.  It is often the first exposure that many of our clients have with the judicial system.  Additionally, it is a time often characterized by financial and familial uncertainty and instability.  We believe that a cogent, comprehensive team oriented approach both within our office and by way of our associations with the most qualified individuals in their field, presents the greatest opportunity to successfully set-forth and secure our client's positions and relief requested in conjunction therewith.


We strive, from initial consultation through case closing, to demystify the law and legal process by actively engaging our clients through proactive, consistent, communications coupled with knowledgeable, trustworthy representation.  To better serve our clients, we employ a team approach to each case - whereby it is assigned to a senior attorney and an associate attorney.  This approach allows us to provide constant coverage and near-universal availability to our clients if, and when, questions arise which require a working knowledge of their file.


We recognize and appreciate that complex litigation often requires association with financial and/or familial experts as critical components of your legal team.  In order to properly assess,  litigate and advocate cases presenting complex financial considerations we routinely associate and collaborate with South Florida’s preeminent accountants, forensic accountants, business valuation experts, appraisers and financial planners.  Similarly, in cases presenting certain timesharing and parental responsibility issues, we associate and collaborate with South Florida's preeminent psychologists, addictionologists, social investigators, parenting coordinators and child psychologists.